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make me choose: leyton or breyton/naley/olicity?
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My grandma thought he had lost it. One day I got in trouble for fighting with my sister, because she’s a freak. And as a punishment my mom made me help my grandpa at fixing up the Pontiac. But it turned out to not to be a punishment. It turned out to be just about the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I learned all about cars when cars were still cars, as my grandpa would say. I got to hear so many stories from my grandpa about Vietnam, and how the Oakland A’s screwed up their chances to become the best team in history. He also taught me the five strategies guaranteed to get a girl to say yes to a date. We’re almost finished with the Pontiac now. It looks beautiful, like the prettiest girl at the prom, my grandpa would say. I know it should really make me happy and proud of what we’ve accomplished, but the truth is, it makes me kind of sad. Because that car has taken a really hard year for me and made it pretty decent. I guess the good news is, grandpa’s got an eye on a ‘68 Mustang that he guarantees will do nothing less than rock my world, and I can’t wait. 


my heart with you - an allison & lydia mix, for after. made for oodtown. should our fire turn to dark, take my heart with you.

Who am I?

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Jemima Kirke photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart

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I don’t feel guilty at all if I’m just lying around, one of my best guilty pleasures is doing absolutely nothing.

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make me choose | nerdywyatt asked - aubrey plaza or rashida jones

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Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2012

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